Bespoke “At Home” sleep training

Bespoke packages are available to those who would prefer to have the sleep coaching implemented by a professional.

For those of you who feel completely out of your depth or don’t have the time to implement the sleep coaching yourself, there is the option of hiring me to come to your home to carry out the sleep work for you.  

You could opt to have me at your home for just one night to see how it works, or you may wish to hire me for several nights in order to see some real progress without having to even think about it.  The most important part of sleep coaching is commitment and consistency, and if your lifestyle or work may prevent you from being able to make the changes yourself, I can solve this issue for you and create a bespoke service which suits your individual needs as a family.  


Bespoke "At Home" Sleep Training



Everything from the Two Week Sleep Coaching Package


Overnight support (from 6.30 pm until 5am)

Guidance with bed time routine

Carrying out the sleep coaching techniques

Responding to all wake ups until 5am


 To learn more about this package or to book,
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All services are available in Hong Kong and Internationally, both face to face and online. Travel charges may apply.