Is your child sleeping safely?


Creating a safe and comfortable environment for your baby is the number one priority when I work with my clients. No matter how big or small the change might be, it can go a long way in terms of improving their overall sleep quality.

The risk of SIDS is any parent’s worst nightmare, and the steps you must take to prevent it are simple, yet sometimes forgotten.  There are many factors to consider when thinking about the safety of your child, however some of the key things to remember are:

·      Keep the room temperature between 16 and 20 degrees.  Preventing your child from overheating is one of the key precautionary steps that you can take towards avoiding SIDS. It may seem cold, but follow the guidelines for the appropriate clothes and sleeping bags to accompany your child and you can be assured that your child will sleep safely. I have always sworn by the Gro company particularly love their Gro egg.  They also provide an excellent guide on what to wear in certain temperatures so you have complete peace of mind.

·      No blankets.  Avoid the concern of loose blankets and use a sleeping bag instead.  Again the Gro Company get my vote with their sleeping bags and rompers.

·      No soft toys in their sleeping space until they are able to lift their head. For some babies this could mean waiting until they are at least 7 months. I have always limited the amount of soft toys in both of my children’s cots for peace of mind, even after the age of 1.

·      If you have chosen to co-sleep, please ensure you are doing it safely and never share a bed with a baby if you have been drinking or smoking. Check out this article for more information on safe co-sleeping.

I could talk for hours on the safety and set up of your child’s sleep space and this is where we must always begin when thinking about enhancing and improving sleep.

 If you think you would benefit from a talk on sleep safety, please get in touch. We can have a private consult or arrange a group session for you and your friends.

Jade DharmanaComment