Tired of early morning wake ups?

Early wake ups can be resolved

Early wake ups can be resolved

Early morning wake ups are one of the most common problems that parents face with young children.  It’s interesting to discover that most parents in this situation begin to simply accept it as part of their child’s nature, or assume that they are just early risers because this is what kids do.  There is still hope and if you are in this situation, you might be interested to learn that there will be a reason behind this behaviour. That means there are changes you can make to help encourage a later wake up time and it just requires a bit of figuring out.

Why is my baby waking up early?

Did you know that the sound of a pan clashing in the kitchen will most likely wake your baby in the first 20 minutes of putting them down to bed, but after that you could probably bang that same pan outside their door for their first 6 hours of sleep with little consequence. Your dog barking is also unlikely to be much of an issue in the first half of the night, but their slight pattering of feet could be enough to wake your baby in the early hours of the morning. There are reasons behind all of this and it all comes down to sleep science and by understanding this in more detail, we can start to investigate why your baby might be waking earlier than expected.

The issue can stem from various factors and it helps to have a professional assessment to explore this in more detail.  You may be looking at something as simple as a distraction in their bedroom, or incorrect light and dark exposure however in most cases it is the result of incorrect scheduling in the daytime for their age and activity level.  Babies are biologically set up to sleep a certain amount of hours in a 24 hour period and there are a lot of factors that we as parents can control to help maximise this to the optimum level.  

If you would benefit from some advice on scheduling for your child or to discover what might be the cause of your child’s early rising, please feel free to email me at jade@thesleeeplab.com for more information.

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