My Story


 As a mum of two young Children, Myla and Theo, I can completely relate to anyone who isn’t getting much sleep. We’re all a bit cranky after a bad night, and with hectic lives it can all become a bit much! 

 My journey as a child sleep consultant essentially began when my daughter Myla was born almost four years ago.  After a short but very sweet start, she was diagnosed with colic and the next few blurry months were riddled with tears, self-doubt and soul crushing exhaustion.  You might be going through something similar but there are a million other sleep challenges that children face.

I really needed help and just wanted someone to tell me what to do and how to do it.  Confused by mixed advice from friends and books, I had reached my limit and decided to hire a sleep consultant to get me back on track and as Myla settled and got into her own groove, the whole family started to get more sleep…finally!

 I would say I became fascinated as I learnt just how important a decent night’s sleep is to our children’s health, development and wellbeing.  So fast-forward a few years and one more child later, I can now proudly call myself a certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant.  I have had the privilege of helping many families turn their lives around so feel free to check out what they have to say or take a look at what services I offer.

If you think I might be able to help or you fancy a quick chat, I would love to hear from you so please get in touch.

Jade  xxx


I call Hong Kong home for many reasons but mostly because it’s where I met my husband Harsha and started our family.

I’ve been away from the UK now for the best part of a decade and I just love what this city has to offer. I’m at my most happy either in the mountains on a hike or paddle boarding in the ocean. Whilst I’m a lover of all things active and outdoors, you won’t find me saying no to a champagne brunch either!



BSc Experimental Psychology
the University of Bristol, UK

Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant
the International Maternity and Parenting Institute

CPR Certified (Adult, Child & Infant)
the American Academy of CPR & First Aid, Inc

Ongoing courses:
Happiest Baby on the Block Educator

Positive parenting 



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